It’s officially 2018! I don’t know how it happened but 2017 has come and gone and a new year is upon us. I’ve never been one for all the New Year fanfare, and the idea of a whole new me, but I have to admit 2018 is going to be a big year (I’m graduating, and I have some pretty cool things planned) so I’m pretty excited. I have some big goals for 2018, goals for me personally, for Lonestar Persuasion and for my career, it’s a bit scary but it’s so exciting!

Thinking back on 2017, I had so much going on, I found myself getting overwhelmed and was just generally exhausted, I was constantly going, I always had a to-do list longer than my arm, it  wasn’t all that enjoyable and I think if I had taken some time to relax and clear my head I wouldn’t have been so frazzled all the time. But what’s done is done and it doesn’t do to dwell on the past, so this post is dedicated to the future and moving forward.

With that being said I think this is the perfect time to talk about my thoughts on New Years Resolutions. I just don’t do them. I’ve never been able to see them through, I’m all gung-ho for about two weeks and then I remember that I love chocolate and chips and queso are my kryptonite. So instead of committing to a year of no chocolate and 6 am trips to the gym I set a years worth of monthly goals. These goals can change, I like to reflect and reevaluate at the end of every month, it’s just a way for me to really think about what’s going on in my life and make small changes that hopefully lead to big changes, after all they say it takes 21 days to build a habit. I still set some overarching goals for the year but they tend to have more to do with attitude, for example, I sometimes have a bit of a temper, so one of my goals for 2017was to work on keeping my cool (I think I’ve made some progress so yay me!) Now that I’ve rambled on about goal setting lets get into what my goals for this year are, keep in my these will probably change but I think these are a good start.

 Life Goals for 2018

Daily Devotions

I guess this is my one resolution. Oops. I’ve been awful about staying on top of my daily devotions, I always let things get in the way. I don’t want to say that I’m going to do my devotions every single day at this specific time because I know it won’t happen but I need to make them a priority again.


Back to basics. I’m not really sure what this looks like day to day, but I want to pare everything down, my to-do lists, my closet, my routines, everything. I’ll keep you posted on this one.

Memora Vivere

I apologize to any Latin buffs if this is not the exact translation, Memora Vivere means “Remember to Live.” I’m a planner, I always have been, I live 10 years ahead and I’m constantly planning for the future, while I don’t think that’s a bad thing, it takes away from the present. So one of my goals for 2018 is to live more for the present.

Focus on Wellness

This goal might seem like the stereotypical “this is the year I get in shape” goal but I don’t want it to be. This is meant to encompass everything. Physical, mental and spiritual well being, I want to focus on whole-body wellness. To me, that means, if you need a break, take a break (I wholeheartedly support the mental health day,) if you want the cookie, eat the cookie (moderation is key people,) if toxic people are sucking all the happiness out of you, maybe it’s time to move on. I spent a lot of time pursuing things because I thought it was the “right thing” or it was what was expected of me, I’ve finally gotten away from that and I can honestly say that I’ve never been happier, so I want to continue on that path.

Read More

Y’all I used to read like crazy. I was homeschooled so I was blessed with the time to do so, but I miss it and I’m hoping with graduation right around the corner I’ll have more time to read again.

Get a Job

I graduate in May. YIKES! While I’m super excited I’m also super nervous about finding a job so fingers crossed!

Blog Goals for 2018

5k Followers on Instagram

I focused a lot on my Instagram this year, I finally have a theme that just feels right, engagement is great and now I just want to grow.

5 Sponsored Posts

So far this blog has been supported by affiliate marketing, and I’ve loved every minute of it. But now that I’ve settled into my niche I want to take it one step further. Of course, I will always disclose sponsored posts to yall so don’t worry about that.

Post 2x a Week

I have been AWFUL about consistent posting this year, I always let school get in the way and while school is still the #1 priority I love blogging and interacting with you guys so I want to make more time for it.

Monthly Goals for 2018

*I’ve only posted January, I’ll update this post throughout the year when I decide my goals for the month and I’ll let you know in my monthly favorites posts if you want to follow along!


Drink 2 Yetis of water a day (64 oz)

No Bread from work (I work at Texas Roadhouse so this is gonna hurt)

Practice Yoga 3 days a week (here’s the typical fitness goal)


I’m sorry for the novel! If you made it this far I applaud you! Now tell me, what are your goals for the new year?



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  • I am with you … I don’t make resolutions either! I too make life goals and they sometimes take longer than a year to achieve but keep me going 🙂

    Happy New Year!


  • I don’t make resolutions either as like you I tend to find that goals and targets are more effective . I hope that you are able to get more sponsored work like you dreamed x

  • Me either! I hate resolutions. I like commitments and goals because there is something about those two terms that truly means something. And I plan on have more Memora Vivere moments as well.

  • Jill Spinelli

    I am not a big fan of resolutions myself. I tend to make goals and intentions to focus and drive my year forward. I say it’s all about doing what works for you. This is a great list of goals, though. Happy New Year!

  • Michelle Leslie

    I hear you Liz. My New Year’s resolution always seem to go in one Year and out the other. Congrats on graduating and may 2018 be everything you hope for.

  • Our goals are SO similar!! You already seem SO organized, so I know you’re going to just crush your goals this year!

  • Marie Aldebert

    I never take good resolutions either. I never stick to them. These are all great goals! I haven’t decided on mine just yet. I’ll do it when i am back from my holiday!

  • I think you’ve made a really smart list and all totally achievable. Resolutions are not everything but making healthier choices here and there are important. Good luck on all your goals, having your graduation to look forward to is awesome, well done!

  • I do not make and believe in resolution either. Goals are a great way to improve and keep me motivated throughout the year. You have a great list of goals, I am still working on mine. Happy New Year!

  • Mary Jingjing Mortos Lopez

    goals for 2018? be better than last year. No more resolutions just act and do it!

  • Jodi Major

    I’m also not a fan of NY resolutions. Don’t wait until Jan 1 to start what you’re obviously just putting off starting today! lol

  • Gluten-Free Spirited

    I feel like resolutions just hold you accountable for your goals and intentions. I have both personal and professional resolutions. The professional ones will also affect my personal resolutions/goals.

  • Joslyn Dsouza

    I really do not belive in new year resolutions but i try to achieve my goals .. i loved reading article of yours.. nicely written.. wish you a happy new year!!

  • Aditi Tandon

    Memora Vivere- Love it! Thanks for the new mantra! Love the colors of your picture collage!

  • I love that Latin word. It’s a great goal to have. I am the same I don’t believe in resolutions but have goals that I thrive to achieve. Wishing you good luck for 2018

  • Ariel Huffaker

    This is a great list of things to achieve or strive for in 2018! I’m definitely a fan of calling them goals not resolutions, I always seem to work harder towards goals rather than resolutions. Happy new year!

  • Ellie Plummer

    I hope that 2018 brings you bigger and better things and you achieve everything that you set out to. This is a great set of goals.

  • Nicole Flint

    Happy New Year! Wishing you all of the best in 2018. Get out there and accomplish those goals!

  • Great list of things to achieve. I Iove setting goals too!

    Wish you luck!