For the first time in about five years, I am starting out a new year without being a VIB Rouge Member. As a die-hard makeup junkie that is a bit hard for me to say, for the longest time, it was almost a point of pride, a status symbol if you will. As an ex Sephora employee it was a no-brainer to do all my makeup shopping at Sephora, I mean hello employee discount, why would I go anywhere else? Now that I no longer work there I find myself shopping at a few different places and for a while, I still made it a point to maintain Rouge Status, until now, so, is Sephora VIB Rouge Worth it?

What is Sephora VIB Rouge?

If you’re not familiar with Sephora’s Beauty Insider Program it is a rewards program broken up into 3 tiers. Beauty Insider, Very Important Beauty (VIB,) and Very Important Beauty Rouge. Anyone can join as a Beauty Insider, there is no minimum spending requirement and you receive a free birthday gift, and for every dollar you spend you receive one point, these points can be saved up and redeemed for gifts and samples (some gifts are pretty crazy like a Marc Jacobs bag or a trip to Paris!). Once you’ve spent $350 within a calendar year you are promoted to VIB, where you receive a shiny new silver membership card, occasional VIB Only gifts and access to the bi-annual sale (typically sometime during April and November,) they also sometimes send out $20 off towards the end of the year. Once you spend $1000 in a calendar year you are promoted to VIB Rouge. With this new status you a get a shiny new red membership card, free access to the beauty studio (free makeup application), first access to new releases, occasional VIB Rouge gifts, access to the bi-annual sale, free 2-day shipping, a Concierge Hotline and sometimes $25 dollars off towards the end of the year.

Is Sephora VIB Rouge Worth it?

Free Access to the Beauty Studio

In my 5 years of VIB Rouge membership, I used this perk exactly 1 time. If you have a lot of events to attend or if you’re not comfortable with makeup application this may be of more use to you but I typically just do my own makeup. Keep in mind that anyone can have their makeup done at the beauty studio for free if they buy $50 worth of product.

First Access to New Releases

Aside from the MorphexJaclyn Hill Palette, I don’t think I’ve ever needed something the day it was released, but if you’re a collector this might be a perk.

Occasional VIB Rouge Gifts

I hate to say it but these are more like glorified samples.

Access to the Bi-Annual Sale

This is probably my favorite part of being VIB Rouge, but you get access as a VIB member (Rouge members just get a few more days to shop) and I’m not sure if 20% off is worth spending $1000.

Free 2 Day Shipping

I live really close to several Sephoras so this isn’t really all that exciting to me, but if you don’t have a Sephora close by then this might be a perk, but keep in mind that anyone can get Free 2 day shipping for just $10 a year.

Concierge Hotline

Basically, you can call this number at any time and they’ll answer any questions you have. I honestly forget that this is even a thing, so I’ve never used it.

$25 Off

This is nice, but is it worth spending $1000?

The Bottom Line

I loved my time as a VIB Rouge, and I will probably become a Rouge at some point again, it really just depends on what products I need, where I can get the best deal and what products are being released. I love shopping at Ulta because you can use your points for dollars off your purchase, I’ve also started getting into more luxury makeup brands which are only available at counters or online, so sometimes Sephora doesn’t have what I’m looking at. That being said I still shop at Sephora (way more than I probably should) and I will continue to shop at Sephora. The Rouge perks are great and if you are spending that much anyway then I think it is an awesome reward and you’ll probably get there without even realizing it but if not then don’t stress it.

What are your thoughts on VIB Rouge?



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  • Cia Black

    I know so many women who are going to fall in love with this. I am not a makeup enthusiast but I have so many friends to would love this. It sounds like a great deal.

  • Cindy Newland

    Sounds like you made a wise decision and are going to save some cash😉 Good for you!

  • Jodi Major

    I’m not a makeup enthusiast, but it sounds like a fun deal to do something like this if you are.

  • I am not much into make up but I can see people who are would really find this a value.


  • My Dine Support

    Im really big on make up, my cousin just read this and she thinks its a steal!

  • Marie RepnPepper

    I used to go to Sephora at least once a month when I was living in paris but never heard of they their VIP Rouge program. Is this new or only accessible in the US?

  • I like these sort of store cards, We don’t have Sephora here but I’ve always dreamt of going to one of their stores. I have the UK version of something similar but to be honest its not quite as good a catch as what this one has to offer!

  • Alaina-Lee Monster

    It sounds like a great program if you already re a regular shopper too. Would be nice to get bigger gifts.

  • I use to be a part of this program and it seemed like I was getting a gift every time I went into the store. It wasn’t a big item though (lotions, lip gloss, etc.).

  • Pink Caboodle

    I’ve been debating. I don’t really shop at sephora enough to really benefit from the program (even thought I really want to!!!)

  • KokosSecrets

    we don’t have sephora here but I wan to try their products for sure.

  • Indu Indra

    This seems to be a good offer on beauty products while getting pampered. I am getting tempted.

  • Karrie Frost

    I agree, the 20% off sale is the only perk I ever use. Otherwise, I only purchase what I need, and if it meets the threshold, great. If not, no big loss.


    I don’t really wear make up, except lip stick and lip gloss so this will be like waste of money to me. I am sure it will be worth it for people that love make up.