With summer coming to an end and end of summer sales abounding I think it is high time for a Jack Rogers Review. An American icon and a summer classic Jack Rogers are by far, my favorite sandal. With 3 pairs and counting, I wear a pair of Jacks just about everyday during the summer months. So what are Jack Rogers? Are they worth the price tag? Which ones should I get? Keep reading to find out!


Jackie O is the fashionista who put this sandal on the fashion map. On a trip to Capri she picked up a pair of sandals and brought them back to the United States. Upon her return she brought them to a cobbler in Palm Beach and requested that he recreate the shoe for her in different colors. He did, and the style was born.  In the 5o years since she stepped out in this style, it has only grown more and more popular and become a staple in American fashion.

Are Jack Rogers Comfortable?

Yes. Once you’ve broken them in. These are leather shoes, so naturally there will be a little rubbing and a lot of blistering. But, power through, wear them for a solid week and you’ll be the proud owner of the most comfortable sandals imaginable.

Are Jack Rogers Worth the Money?

In my humble opinion, they are worth every penny and more. Made with Leather and Wood these shoes hold up extremely well. As they age, the leather softens and the soles curve to fit your foot perfectly. In the end you feel as if you have a shoe that was designed just for you.

What Pair of Jack Rogers Should I Get?

My Favorite style is the Hamptons sandal in Platinum. I have replaced this pair time and time again and will continue to do so as long as I have feet upon which to wear them. The color is perfect, not gold, not silver, and pairs well with any color under the sun. Another of my favorites is the Napa Valley Sandal in Cork & Gold. If you’re interested in seeing my favorites check down below for links!

What Size Jack Rogers Should I Get?

I highly recommend trying these on in store. When it comes to sizing, the biggest factor is if the sole fits your foot. The leather will stretch a bit so don’t be too worried if they’re a tad snug. The only reason I say try them on in store is because while I am a size 7.5, I have some pairs that I own in a 9  simply because the sole fits better.

Well that’s it y’all! I hope y’all have a wonderful day and let me know if you’re going to pick up any Jack Rogers for your summer adventures!



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  • Candy Kage

    Love Jack Rogers shoes, they took me a while to break in.

  • I’ve never owned any of these bit my husband tells me I need a pair…and when your husband says you should buy more shoes…you really should listen! ??

    • Liz

      Well now, you can’t really argue with that….

  • These sandals are gorgeous! I’ve never heard of them. But if Jackie O inspired them, I’m definitely on board 🙂 I can imagine lots of different outfits these would go with. I have a pair of gold sandals that go with everything, but they’re from Target, so they probably won’t be around much longer 😉

    • Liz

      They are amazing!!! They go with everything and they last forever!

  • I love how Jacks look but breaking them in is so hard. My foot is a little too wide for them too =[

    • stjohn.eas@gmail.com

      my feet are a bit wide too! I’ve noticed that the leather stretches a bit so once they’re broken in I’m ok

    • Liz

      My mom has the same issue! She wears socks with them for a little bit to give them some extra stretch

  • Candy Kage

    I love the blue Jacks. GO BLUE

    • stjohn.eas@gmail.com

      Oh my stars no! Sparty on! I do love the blue Jacks though