I still remember the first time I ever visited SheIn’s site. The prices seemed too good to be true. $20 for a dress that looked exactly like a $300 one? What?! I’ve come to realize that if you know how to shop SheIn and you take some time to review and really dig into some of their listings, you can score some pretty amazing deals. I’ve rounded up some of my favorite SheIn purchases and I’m giving you all my tips for shopping SheIn.

My Tips for Shopping SheIn

1.Look Through the Style Gallery

The Style Gallery will be your best friend when it comes to navigating the depths of SheIn’s site. In the top navigation bar on the website there is a tab called “Explore”, when you hover over it a tab will pop up and in the very bottom left corner there is a link called “Style Gallery.” Basically everyone who has purchased items from Shein can upload their pictures showing how the item fits, and how they styled it. I’ve found some of my favorite items from this, including my favorite pom pom off the shoulder top. 

2.Watch YouTube Hauls

This is another super easy way to find the best items on the site, because let’s be honest, scrolling through pages and pages of tops looking for just the right one can be exhausting. A lot of people are posting try on hauls/reviews of their SheIn purchases so take advantage! You get to see what the item looks like and they’ll tell you if it’s worth the money!

3.Look for Items with Reviews and Style Galleries

Each item on Shein has a place for customer reviews and it’s own Style Gallery. These reviews will tell you what the fabric is like, if the item is true to size, if the dress actually fits more like a shirt, all of those burning questions you might have. I typically don’t purchase items that don’t have reviews or any pictures posted and so far I’ve loved everything I’ve received from SheIn.

4.Look at the Measurements

Shein has measurements posted for all of their items! So use them! Shein also posts the models measurements so you can see how tall she is and what size she is wearing.

5.Splurge for the Express Shipping

If you’re an instant gratification person like me, you’re going to want to get the express shipping. Without express shipping you can expect a 2-3 week delivery time. yikes!

6.Use the Bonus Points System

You’re already shopping, you might as well get rewarded for it. SheIn offers a points system where you can get points for shopping ($1= 1 point, 100 points=$1), you also get points for posting reviews and sharing on social media. You can then turn around and redeem these points for dollars off your next purchase.

I’m not saying that every order is going to be perfect. But the only time I’ve ever had a problem with an order was when I didn’t look at the measurements on a dress and it ended up being too small. Totally my fault! If you’re patient and take the time to dig into each item you can end up with some pretty awesome purchases.

Shop My Favorites From SheIn

Gingham Peplum Top

TOP|gingham peplum top

TOP| striped ruffle top

Pink Ruffles & Cowhide

TOP| pink ruffle off the shoulder

Pom Pom Cold Shoulder Top

TOP| pom pom off the shoulder

What are your thoughts on SheIn? Any favorite purchases?


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  • Candy Rachelle

    I have been shopping Shein for about a year now. AND I probably make purchases about twice a month…more if I have a trip scheduled like I have early next month. I have NEVER been disappointed with any of their products, including shoes. I’ve blogged about quite a few of my purchases! You just can’t go wrong with their products!


  • Krizia Velez

    I’ve always been curious about Shein but a little bit skeptical. As a style blogger, I’m always buying clothes but don’t have the money to buy expensive ones. Now I can finally be comfortable ordering from there.

  • Allison Cooper

    I literally just placed an order wth them a few weeks ago and I completely agree about checking the measurements listed for products. I think they take a little too long to deliver, but other than that I love everything I bought!

  • Amy

    Your tops are just adorable on you! Love the flowy styles and the patterns/prints. Perfect for summer.

  • Brigette Collins

    You had me at $20 dresses! These outfits are so cute!!

  • Afroz Shaikh

    I visit Shein website quite often, love their collection, my favorite is white pom pom top. Will keep all the tips you said diluring my next purchase.

  • IG:Suetanyamchorgh

    All these outfits are sooo cute! I am going to check out Shein.

  • Lisa Rios

    These outfits are all so stylish! I love finding affordable clothing that is also cute. Never heard of SheIn I’ll have to check it out.

  • I never shop on She In because they haven’t my size but thank you for your tips!

  • SheIn is one of my favorite online stores! I’ve always had a good shopping experience, even when I needed to return things. I really love the pink ruffle top you chose!

  • Laura

    I’ve never heard of SheIn! Does that make me totally unhip? Sounds like a great resource for fun, affordable stuff so thanks for this post!

  • Christine Ann Dela Cruz

    This outfits are so stylish and cute! I visit SheIn website quite often. I love their products too.

  • Nicole Flint

    I love all of these outfits! Very stylish and fun!

  • Kristal Xavier

    I love the website but they never have my size. Or they do and the arms are to small.

  • Steve Walters

    Great list and beautiful outfits. My favorite is the white pom pom off the shoulder.

  • Kelly

    I love Shein, they’ve got some great clothes! These are great tips because some of their stuff is a little larger than expected.